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2013 is the year to invest in Gold, the Global Currency!

Welcome to Gold Buying Genie. We are the web’s best online resource for Gold investors and Collectors. Many financial analysts claim that 2013 is the year that you should start investing in Gold, the only Recession-Proof investment. While the dollar, stocks and bonds are highly volatile and unpredictable, Gold continues to grow. Thousands of investors worldwide are now jumping on the opportunity and investing in this precious metal. 2013 is the best time to buy gold. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Check out our Gold Dealer Reviews to find the right merchant for you.

Comparing Online Gold Dealers

You need no convincing when it comes to buying Gold and would like to get started right now? No problem, in order to help you make the best decision as to which Gold Dealer you should go with, we have compared the world’s top Online Gold Dealers, including: GovMint, GoldSilverBullion Vault and many more. Each Dealer has their own pros & cons, so make sure you review every one of them before deciding where to buy your gold from. Some dealers are better for gold bullion coins, others are better for gold bars. Deciding whether you want to own your gold or to have it stored for you in a secure location is also a very important factor.

Buying Gold From Your Region

For those of you would like to buy gold from a merchant located in their own country or region, we have compiled a list of the top gold merchants per region. Whether you’re located in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, India or anywhere else in the world, we will help you find the right online gold dealer in your area. Select your region from the list below:

Why Invest in Gold?

This is the BEST video you can watch on the topic. It’s a bit long, but all worth it. The information that Mike Maloney presents is priceless. He explains why the economy is where it is right now and how investing in precious metals such as Gold can be a smart investments that will protect your asset portfolio. Click here to learn more.

Gold Supplies are NOT Unlimited

Unlike produced goods, Gold cannot be produced and exists only at a limited amounts on our planet. This is partly why the price of gold is constantly going up. Thousands of investors worldwide are now buying Gold Online, to protect themselves from the fall of the paper money (not just the dollar!). Smart investors know the importance of diversifying your asset portfolio in order to avoid the worst. These times of economic uncertainty are making the stock market, the dollar and virtually every other investing venue very volatile. Gold is the only recession-proof and secure investment today.

This is a graphic showing the evolution of the price of gold in the last 5 years, pretty convincing!

On this website, you will find everything you need to know about Gold Bullion Coins and Gold purity. You can also stay up to date with the latest developments on Gold investment and Gold pricing. We have also partnered with APMEX (The American Precious Metals Exchange) and BullionVault, (the 2 world leading gold retailers) to offer you the best prices on Gold coins and other Gold material.

Gold is the only recession-proof investment. Think about it, Gold value has been constantly going up for decades. We offer you the change to buy gold online safely, at the best prices you can find online, guaranteed.

How to Buy Gold Online Safely

When it comes to buying Gold on the web today, there are only a few gold retailers you should trust. Among those are BullionVault, GoldSilver and GovMint. These are the 3 leading Gold retailers online. Click Here to see a detailed comparison of them all.

BullionVault is a UK-based Gold Exchange Organization, founded in 2005 by Paul Tustain. It is operated and owned by Galmarley Ltd. and headquartered in London, United Kingdom. When you purchase Gold from BullionVault, your Gold is safely held in personally allocated storage with Via Mat International in either London, Zurich (Switzerland) or New York, depending on your preference. In order to purchase gold, you first need to deposit funds in your account, either by wire transfer, direct deposit or check.

GoldSilver is the equivalent of BullionVault in North America. However the advantage of GoldSilver is that you can purchase gold bullion coins and bars with any major credit card. Instead of storing your gold in a safe box like Bullion Vault, GoldSilver can ship your Gold worldwide securely. GoldSilver also has a wide variety of Gold coins, bars and other gold accessories.

GovMint is very similar to GoldSilver, except for the fact that it has a larger selection of items. In fact, GovMint has the largest selection of RARE gold and silver coins on the web. Ideal for both collectors and investors. GovMint doesn’t only focus on Gold, but on all precious metals.

We have also published pages for those that are interested in the best Gold dealers for their particular geographical location. If you’re in India, check out our Buy Gold in India page. If you’re in Europe of the UK, check out our Buy Gold in the UK page for more details on regional gold buying options. We will be launching more pages for regional markets in the next few weeks.

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