Reasons why now may be the best time to buy gold

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Not too sure what to think about the recent drop in gold prices? Opportunity to buy more gold or sign to liquidate your own? There are obviously two schools of thought here, but many financial analysts tend to think that this price drop is only temporary. Let’s start with a little bit of history first… The measure of all things Gold has always been more than just a metal from which to coin money. It has also been a way of measuring the value of commodities and of determining the value of national currency — hence the expression...

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Who’s Investing in Gold in 2013? (An Infographic)

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2013 is seeing many investors increase their gold holdings, as the Obama re-election late last year meant the same financial policies will be in effect for his 2nd term. Here is a great infographic that presents some of the world’s most famous gold investors, including the percentage of their portfolio that they invested in precious metals. (click to enlarge)   View full infographic...

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The Gold Investment Landscape is Looking Positive for 2013

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The gold standard has withstood the test of time as nations use this valuable precious metal for monetary exchange, jewellery and industrial processes. During tough economic times, gold becomes a more appealing purchase. Gold eagles sales, ETF investment and new gold exchanges show that the gold investment landscape is looking positive for 2013. Gold Eagle Coin Sales According to the United States Mint, sales of its gold bullion American Eagle coins was more than double in November 2012 (173,500) than in November 2011 (65,600). New investors...

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Safeguarding your Portfolio Assets with Gold Investments

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Investing in gold isn’t just a good way to earn a profit in the long-term; it’s an excellent way to protect profits that you’ve already earned through other endeavors. For years financial advisors and fund managers have known the wisdom of securing a portion of a portfolio with instruments that are backed precious metals. Yes, it is true that gold typically becomes more valuable in times of economic uncertainty. But, more importantly, it has a tendency to retain a steadily increasing value, and it will always retain some level of...

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3 Ways to Invest in Gold Safely

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The majority of professional analysts and private investors agree that investing in gold is the safest way to secure assets and ensure a minimal profit with your portfolio. However, there are a number of ways to invest in gold, either directly, through the purchasing of physical bullion and exchange traded funds (ETFs), or indirectly, through the purchasing of mining company stock and futures. To help novice investors mitigate risks we’ve reviewed the top 3 ways to invest in gold safely: Investing in Physical Bullion Buying physical gold in...

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3 Reasons to Buy Gold in 2013

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If you were to ask a handful of advisors what the safest investment instrument is, the majority of them would probably recommend gold. Despite the fact that the annual average price of gold has been continually rising for more than ten years (a statistical feat that few commodities have accomplished) for some reason people are still not sure whether it would be wise for them to purchase some gold holdings of their own. If you’re still on the fence about gold buying, here are three reasons to buy gold in 2013: Earn a Profit in the...

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A Step-by-Step Guide for Novice Gold Investors

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Investing in gold seems pretty self-explanatory at first glance – simply buy gold, wait for it to increase in value, and then sell it, right? Well, that is a minimalistic way of looking at it; but in reality making well-informed decisions and optimizing your portfolio with gold investing is a bit more complicated. Luckily, we’ve simplified the process into the following three steps: Step 1 – Choose an Investment Type and Devise a Strategy First you’ll need to find a suitable way to invest in gold. As a novice you’ll probably want to...

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Knowing What Kind of Gold Bullion to Invest In

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If you’ve done a little bit of research on introductory gold investing tips you’ve probably learned that investing in bullion is the safest way to start. However, there are many types of gold bullion and simply choosing the most reliable and profitable type can be a challenging task. If you’re not sure what type of gold bullion would be most ideal for your investing needs, consider the following: Avoid Collector’s Coins Private companies like the Bradford Exchange and Franklin Mint produce collectible coins that yield poor investment...

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Should You Buy More Gold, Or Sell the Gold You have Next Year

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There are a number of factors to consider when determining whether to buy more gold or sell your current holdings. The majority of analysts speculate that gold has not yet reached its peak, which means that investing now would still give you room to earn a profit. Even so, if you bought your gold 10 years ago, selling now wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, as you’d still earn a hefty profit. But, what if you stand to earn even more by holding onto it for just a couple more years? If you’re not sure whether you should be buying or...

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3 Reasons Why the Value of Gold is Likely to Increase During the Next Couple Years

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A lot of investors are hesitant to invest in gold with the fear that prices could drop during the next couple years. After all, the value of this precious metal has risen to incredibly high levels during the past decade, and many assume that it’s only a matter of time before it hits a peak and then goes into decline. However, with such a wide variance of opinions from analysts regarding when and how high gold prices will peak, it would be worthwhile to consider the following 3 reasons why the value of gold is likely to increase during the...

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