Affiliate Program

You can make easy money by referring your friends and family to buy gold online. If you own a Gold related website, the potential for revenue is unlimited with the BullionVault program.

BullionVault is one of the fastest growing businesses on the web.  You can participate and earn a no-nonsense 25% share of our gross commission by introducing gold and to your own website’s visitors.  It takes two minutes to set up and continues earning you respectable money for years.

When new customers are referred by you …

  • You get a full 25% share of commissions
  • You get further 6.25% share of commission on further new accounts referred in by those you introduced
  • You continue to generate commission income at the same rate on repeat business for a full 2 years from account creation – and many BullionVault customers deal repeatedly.
  • Your BullionVault account receives your commission instantly, with no complexities or delays

How do I get started?

Simple as ABC! First, join BullionVault (opening an account is 100% free), then your affiliate URL will be: (Go to Help then search “Affiliate” to find their affiliate program details page)

Click here to join the program today!

New Affiliate Program from Regal Assets

Regal Assets launched an amazing affiliate program for IRA Gold investing in 2013, find out all the details here. The program basically pays $30 per lead + 3% of the investment amount of that lead. If you refer wealthy investors that invest a lot of money in precious metals, it can turn out to be a very rewarding program.