Buy Gold in Australia and New Zealand

If you are located in Australia, New Zealand or surrounding regions, we highly recommend dealing with the Perth Mint, a retailer that is entirely owned by the Government of Western Australia. The Perth Mint has a high selection of unique Gold and Silver coins and caters to both collectors and investors. They have the largest selection of Australian Lunar Coins, Australian Kangaroos and other unique coins for collectors such as the Australian 2012 Olympic coins. Alternatively, you can also buy gold online using Bullion Vault, a UK-based Gold Trading Platform that allows you to buy/sell gold in 3 different currencies: USD, EUR and GBP. Bullion Vault has been servicing Australian and Worldwide customers for years. It is the number one choice for investors because the gold you purchase is automatically stored in a secure vault, instead of shipping it to you. This allows you to easily trade your gold online without having to re-ship it yourself.


Gold Mechant #1: The Perth Mint


Ideal for: Australian/NZ Collectors and Investors interested in buying Gold coins.

Types of Gold sold: Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Rare Coins, Novelty items

Forms of Payment: PayPal, BPAY, Bank Transfer, Cheque and Money orders.

Shipping: Australia, New Zealand and Worldwide customers (expect higher fees if you’re not in Australia)

Pros of using The Perth Mint: 

  • Owned by government means high levels of security and integrity
  • AAA credit rating from Standard and Poor’s
  • Large selection of Australian and foreign gold bullion coins
  • Competitive pricing


Gold Mechant #2: Bullion Vault


Ideal for: Worldwide investors and collectors interested in investing in Gold with the ability of trading their gold online in real time, without the hassle of shipping/storing their own gold.

Types of Gold sold: Pure Physical Gold Bullion (for investment purposes)

Forms of Payment: Bank Transfer Deposit, Check or Money Order. (Accepts USD, EUR, GBP)

Shipping: No Shipping! Your Gold is safely stored in one of BV’s high-security vaults of your choice (New York, Zurich or London)

Pros of using Bullion Vault: 

  • The gold you purchase is securely stored in a BV location of your choice: London, New York or Zurich. No need to go through the hassle of storing your gold yourself.
  • You can trade your Gold online anytime and withdraw into any bank account!
  • You can trade in 3 currencies: USD, Euro, Pound Sterling.
  • Big Advantages for Big Buyers: BullionVault charges a maximum of 0.80% to buy/sell gold or silver. Pay even less if you buy $30,000+ worth of Gold.
  • Bullion Vault claims to have the best prices in the industry. (Lowest Premium Over Spot)