Confused About Gold Prices? Check This Out!

We are currently living in a crazy and volatile economy. We are impacted every day by things that are happening all over the globe. Being so connected with everyone else on the planet stressful from an investment standpoint and the things that happen while we sleep can change everything. We also have access to so much information constantly and it can be interpreted so many different ways.  Just look at the headlines, you can have two stories reporting different takes on the same information. It is hard to know who to believe and finding any security in the future of the country or the world is tough. Stock and commodity prices are volatile, problems with banks and politics can leave you feeling very insecure. You don’t want to invest your life savings only to wake up and find it is gone, it has happened to many people and will happen again over and over. Here are some things to think about that may help you find a small amount of security and insure your savings.

Fact 1: Gold is a Safe Haven Investment

When the economy is uncertain and volatile, many people look for a safe haven investment.  Short of stuffing money in the mattress, which can be deadly with currency fluctuations, Gold offers an insurance policy against financial catastrophe.

Fact 2: Good News is Hard to Find

Things aren’t getting any more secure. Sure we have good news occasionally with bank rescues and banks rescuing countries but the good news is rare. There are riots and looting where you never would have expected them to happen. People are marching on Wall Street. Society is tired of the graft, corruption and greed and thousands are making their voice heard.  No one knows where this is headed but it is certain you will need to house and feed your family, pay for education and have some savings. Gold investments can help you do this by giving you some security that your money will be there when you need it.

Fact 3: Owning Gold is Very Easy

Gold bullion is currency and is very easy to buy. You can hold the gold personally or have it held for you. Using a service like Bullion Vault, for instance, allows you to buy gold online and have it securely stored in one of their 3 locations: London, New York or Zurich. You can then trade your gold online at any time and withdraw into a bank account of your choice and in the currency of your choice. You can purchase coins from a number of different countries in a variety of purity and gold content at affordable prices. You need to know the troy ounce content of gold and make sure you purchase at a fair price over the spot price of gold from a reputable dealer.

You can find some security in a very uncertain world and sleep better at night owning some gold as an insurance policy for your savings.

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