Converting Part of Your 401k or IRA to Gold

Your retirement savings are critical to your future and the growth and protection of that money will determine how you spend your “Golden Years”. Investment experts stress diversification to protect retirement savings and ensure a maximum return on your investments.

Diversification with Gold = Best Investment Strategy in 2012

When the economy is rough, the investment landscape becomes uncertain. Traditional types of investments such as stocks, bonds and real estate tend to lose value, while Gold, the 4th asset class, tends to behave exactly the opposite way. In fact, gold prices have reached new heights since the economy went haywire back in 2008. Due to new concerns in both Europe and America, analysts predict that the worldwide economic landscape will still be uncertain in the next 5 years.

What type of Gold to invest in?

Many expert wealth management advisers recommend investing between 15 and 20% of one’s portfolio in Gold. This strategy has been successful to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. The types of gold you can buy as part of your 401k or IRA include gold coins and gold bars. Gold bullion coins can include the American Eagle, American Buffalo, Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, a number of Australian Gold Bullion Coins, the Chinese Golden Panda and Swiss and French Franc Coins. You can discuss the options for gold bullion investment with a trusted gold dealer such as GovMint.

Get Your FREE Gold 401k Investment Kit from Regal Assets

Before investing in gold through your 401k or IRA, it is important you get all the necessary information. Regal Assets, one of America’s most popular gold dealers, have developed a Gold investment Kit that will help you understand everything you need to know about gold investing and how to avoid all the traps/scams.