Gold Bullion Coins

Gold bullion coins are coins struck with a high degree of gold purity. They are attractive coins that come in many different sizes and are produced in many different countries to give you a wide selection of designs. Gold bullion coins can be collected and if you like, worn as jewelry when you place the coin in a bezel on a chain.

The available selection of gold bullion coins include:

You can purchase the gold bullion coins in a variety of purity ranging from .900 to .9999. You will need to check the purity of each coin so you know what you are buying. The price of gold bullion coins will be a bit higher than the spot price of gold, which reflects the cost of production.

You can also purchase gold bullion coins in a variety of sizes which are measure by weight in troy ounces (ozt). The sizes range from 1/20 ozt to 1kg and a number of weights in between. The available weights vary by coin and country so a little bit of research is necessary to find out what you can buy at what weight for what price.

In addition to an interesting collection your gold bullion can be a valuable investment and with a bezel and chain enjoyed as jewelry as well.