Australian Gold Lunar

The Australian Gold Lunars are two collector series of gold bullion coins that follow the Lunar Calendar. For those not familiar with the Lunar Calendar, it is observed in SE Asia and China with each year represented by an animal with a 12 year repeating cycle.

The Australian Gold Lunar Series I began in 1996 and completed in 2007, Series II began in 2008 and continues through 2019 the 12 animals of the Lunar Calendar. If you missed Series I it is the perfect time to get in on Series II. The coins are produced at the Perth Mint of .9999 pure gold, so are 24 karat gold. They are beautifully minted with the Lunar animal motif on one side and the Queen’s portrait on the other. The annual minting is limited to 30,000 coins to protect their value as a collector item. Because the coins are 24 karat gold, they are encased in clear plastic to protect the soft gold coin.

Want to Buy it?

If you are interested in buying Australian gold coins for investment or collection purposes, we highly recommend purchasing from the Perth Mint. Click here to to look at the different gold coins available at the Perth Mint.


Australian Gold Coins History

There are a large variety of gold coins and gold bullion coins that are minted in Australia, including: the Gold Kangaroos, Gold Koalas, Gold Lunar coins and many more. Here is a video explaining the history of gold coins in Australia.


Australian Gold Lunar Year of the Monkey

The Lunar Calendar animals are for Series I and Series II to date:

1996 & 2008- Rat
1997 & 2009 – Ox
1998 & 2010- Tiger
1999 & 2011-Rabbit
2000 – Dragon
2001 – Snake
2002 – Horse
2003 – Goat
2004 – Monkey
2005 – Rooster
2006 – Dog
2007 – Pig

The price of the Australian Gold Lunars is based on the spot price of gold and subject to the premium placed on the coins by collectors. The coins have been minted in a variety of sizes. Series I Australian Lunar coins were produced in troy ounces including 1/20th ozt.., 1/10th ozt. ¼ ozt., ½ ozt., 1 ozt.. The Lunar Series II expanded its range of sizes to include all of Series I plus, 2 ozt., 10 ozt., and several measured in kilos including 1 kilo and 10 kilo coins. You can find Australian Gold Lunar gold bullion coins through most bullion coin dealers, on the private market and from the Perth Mint in Australia.