France’s Napoleon Gold Coin

the Napoleon gold bullion coin is one of France’s oldest currencies

Among Europe’s gold bullion coins, the Napoleon gold bullion coin is one of France’s oldest currencies, dating back to the time of the Emperor the coin was named after.

French Napoleon Gold Coin Characteristics

The Napoleon coins were produced in a variety of sizes and values. Given all the different minting occurrences, the coins can now be found in molded denominations ranging from 100 francs downward to 50, 40, 20, 10, and the smallest at 5 francs. Because of the different sizes and values the gold value will also vary.
The 20 franc for example provides a coin weight of 6.45 grams with a 90 percent purity. The coin itself includes 0.1867 measured troy ounces of gold, the precious metal itself making up 5.8 grams of the coin. An additional coin of twice the currency value was also produced at the same time, stamped with 40 francs. This item is 5 mm bigger in diameter, weighs 12.9 grams, and has the same content percentage of gold at 90 percent. Given the size, the gold weight in troy ounces is almost double the 20 franc version.

French Napoleon Gold Coin History

Napoleons were manufactured by the French government over much of the last two centuries before being ended. In practice, these coins represented the first Euro coin of Europe, used across borders long before the modern Euro would ever been conceived. Much like today, many of France’s well-to-do kept a rich inventory of these coins as wealth in hand. It provided a protection against government instability, market weakness, local price inflation, and the wars that typically raged across the old continent. However, these coins are not manufactured today. All specimens that can be obtained are historical items only.

Where to Buy France’s Gold Napoleon Coin

A number of the Napoleon coins are still available today as many of them have been circulated. The rarer items to find are uncirculated specimens. Given the scarcity, collectors frequently place a premium on the uncirculated coins many times higher than the base gold value in the item. Despite the pricing, the rare versions still sell quickly.
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