Israeli Gold Coin

Israel has joined a number of other countries who are producing gold bullion coins. The Bank of Israel offered the first Israeli bullion coin in May of 2010. The series is named the “Jerusalem of Gold” and the coins are considered legal tender with a face value of 20 New Sheqalim (NIS). Each coin contains 1 oz. of fine gold to .9999 purity. In addition to the value in gold content the coins are also valuable as collector coins. Each coin in the series will depict a historical site in Jerusalem, is presented in a handsome presentation box and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The first of the series is The Tower of David, rising above the city of Jerusalem near the Jaffa gate. The Tower of David edition is limited to 3600 coins with a limit of 5 coins per customer.

The word Jerusalem appears above the Tower, in three languages, English, Hebrew and Arabic. On the reverse of the coin is the Lion of Megiddo, which has been used in other Israeli currency. The word Israel appears below the Lion of Megiddo in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
The second coin in the series for 2011 is the Western Wall, which is the last remnant of the Second Holy Temple. The coin was issued on June 1, 2011. The gold content and face value of the coin is the same as the Tower of David coin. The word Jerusalem appears in English, Hebrew and Arabic on this coin as well. The reverse of the coin, Lion of Megiddo will appear on all coins in this series.

Where to Buy Isarel’s Gold Coins

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