Mexican Gold Pesos

The Mexican Gold Peso bullion coins are extremely attractive and offer a great deal of value. They sell for the smallest premium over the spot price of gold than any other bullion coin.

The image on the Mexican Gold Peso is commonly known as “Winged Victory”, she carries a laurel wreath in one hand and broken chains in the other. In the background of the image are two of Mexico’s volcanoes. You will see the date 1821 on one side, which is the commemorative year and the date on the right is the year the coin was minted.

The back of the coin is the Mexican coat of arms with an eagle balanced on a cactus holding a serpent in its beak.

The Mexican Gold Peso is minted in Mexico City from 90% pure gold, fineness of .900, and 10% copper. This alloy imparts a hardness that will allow the coins to weather the handling that results from circulation. This alloy produces a 21.6 karat coin.

Mexican Gold Pesos come in the following denominations, 2 Peso, 2 ½ Peso, 5 Peso, 10 Peso, 20 Peso and 50 Peso coins.

The first Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coin was issued in 1921 to commemorate Mexico’s independence from Spain and is known as the Centenario.  About 4 million of the 50 Peso Gold Coins were minted between 1949 and 1972. The 50 Peso Gold Coins minted before 1949 are the favorites as well as coins minted in 1921 and 1931. The Mexican Gold Pesos enjoyed immense popularity before the South African Krugerrand was minted, especially when Americans were allowed to own gold again in 1975.

In addition to the value of the gold content of the coin in current and projects gold spot prices, collectors can command a premium value for the older favorite year coins.