How to Protect Yourself in Volatile Economic Times

Watching the news these days is frankly more than a bit scary. Will Greece default on its debt? Will the EU protect the Euro and Europe’s economic future? Will Germany stand behind the less economically sound countries? How about the US, will legislators put their own interests aside and really work for the American people to find solutions? Will China keep inflation under control? What about food and fuel, will we be able to afford the necessities of life? Then there is the big question about how all of this will affect the rest of the world. Is your wealth and your future protected, in case all of this falls apart and we head for another more severe contraction? Here are some ideas about protecting your wealth and finding a safe haven from the volatility of the stock market and the fluctuations of world politics and world currencies.

The traditional safe haven investment throughout history is Gold. When times get tough Gold holds its value. When the stock market moves through drastic swings on a daily and weekly basis the steady upward trend in Gold provides some stability. Minor fluctuations in the spot price of Gold appear to be temporary and although Gold prices are high, many analysts believe that Gold is still a bargain.

No one knows for sure and certainly no one can predict stock, currency and Gold prices for the future, if we could predict prices, we would be billionaires. What we do know is that the various economic crisis are not resolved, there are no permanent solutions. The ECB has stated they will do what it takes to work out of the difficulties and the FED has echoed that sentiment. Those are good signs but no solutions.

An investment in Gold during these difficult economic times is an insurance policy against more bad news. A lot of people believe that the insurance is necessary, which is a primary reason that Gold spot prices continue to move upward. Speculating in Gold to try to make a killing is risky, as it is with any investment. Figure out your motivation and look at the facts and if you decide to invest in Gold look at the various ways you can do that.

Gold bullion Coins are the easiest way to invest in Gold. You should always buy gold bullion at a price that is close to the spot price and accumulate in any of the available denominations from 1/20th troy ounce to 1 troy ounce and higher. Gold is a cheap insurance policy and could be a great investment as well.

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