Investing in Gold in Your 401K or IRA

Your retirement savings is critical to your future and the growth and protection of that money will determine how you spend your “Golden Years.” Investment experts stress diversification to protect retirement savings because it is such a critical area of your wealth. Investing some of your IRA or 401K in gold or precious metals is a way to diversify your retirement portfolio. Most experts recommend that you have no more than 5-20% of your retirement savings in precious metals. You don’t want to gamble with your retirement savings but diversification of some of your portfolio into gold can give you insurance against an economic meltdown.

You can hold gold bullion in your IRA or 401K retirement savings through a custodian. If you want to hold the gold personally it will require you to take a distribution of the funds. You will need to find an IRA or 401K custodian that allows holding gold acquisitions in your retirement account, if your current custodian does not permit that type of investment. A reputable gold dealer can direct you to several firms that provide that service.

In addition to finding a custodian, you will also need to fill out forms to authorize acquisition of gold bullion into your IRA or 401K.

Once your custodian and forms are in place, the next step is to select your acquisitions. You can purchase any type of gold bullion, including those with special collector value such as proofs or rare coins. Talk to your gold dealer about the length of time required to deliver the gold bullion to your IRA or 401K custodian.

Gold bullion coins can include the American Eagle, American Buffalo, Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, a number of Australian Gold Bullion Coins, the Chinese Golden Panda and Swiss and French Franc Coins. You can discuss the options for gold bullion investment with a trusted gold dealer.

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