Is Buying Gold Only For The Rich & Wealthy?

Gold has increased in value so much over the past few years. With prices like this, you might think that buying gold is reserved only for very wealthy people.

Actually, the price we hear consistently is the spot price of gold for 1 troy ounce (ozt.). Prices fluctuate daily but the spot price of gold is currently over $1730 per ozt. Gold coins come in a variety of sizes starting at 1/20 troy ounce.  The smaller gold coins appreciate in value as well and the smaller coins allow you to purchase for a lower entry price. For example a Canadian Maple Leaf 1/20th ozt is currently for sale for just over $120. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is one of the purest gold bullion coins you can find. At that entry price, getting in on the appreciation of gold is very affordable and certainly not reserved for the very wealthy investor.

Types of gold bullion coins

You can purchase gold bullion coins minted by various countries. The US has the Gold Eagle bullion coins, Canada has the Gold Maple Leaf and Australia has a number of gold coins including several Lunar collector series representing the lunar calendar. The Australian collector series can appreciate not only from the gold value, but also from the value of the collection. China mints the gold Panda, Mexico produces gold Peso coins, Swiss Gold Franc coins also called Helvetia and the familiar South African Gold Krugerrand just to name a few. Within these gold bullion coins offered for sale, you can purchase proof sets. Proof sets are uncirculated coins, normally sold in sets which have clearer designs and surfaces.  Each of these coin types are at slightly different prices and purity so know what you are purchasing when you buy gold bullion coins.

Trade in gold bullion coins

If you purchase smaller gold bullion coins, you can benefit from the continued appreciation of gold and trade up to larger gold coins when you want. You don’t need to miss out on the investment value of gold bullion coins just because you can’t purchase a larger quantity of gold.

Other gold investments

Bullion coins are the easiest way to own gold. It is important to know that there are other ways to invest in gold, through bars, jewelry, futures and options contracts, ETF (exchange traded funds) and gold mining company shares. The rule is always to know what you are buying and if you are not sure, get the advice of a professional investment advisor.

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  • Should I buy Gold or not? in forward gold price decrease or increase ?


    • admin

      Should be increasing again till the end of 2011, so buy fast!