News that Moves the Market

Anyone who doesn’t believe that the market is being manipulated only needs to look at the news and the direction of the market lately. You don’t even have to look that far back. Just in the last few month, corporate earnings blew through the charts and the market moved down. The explanation given was that the corporate growth cannot be sustained into the future. American Airlines declared bankruptcy and Europe delayed their debt solution and the market skyrockets. It just makes no sense.

There is always a rationalization provided, but the more logical explanation is that the market makers cash in when the market moves in volatile swings. The only time that market makers have trouble cashing in is when the market is flat. The more volatility in the market, the more money the market makers can rake in.

People who have “invested” their money in the stock market have historically made money, at least before market manipulators turned the stock market into the crap tables at a casino. Ordinary people work hard for their money and save for the future. The problem is that after saving and trying to invest, do you really want to risk your money in a rigged game?

It is hard to find a safe investment, and history shows there really isn’t a completely safe place to put your money. Even putting your money in the bank, a safe or under the mattress subjects it to a degradation of its worth due to the pressure of inflation. Many people are coming to the same conclusion and purchasing gold.

Gold is a safe haven investment that can act as an insurance policy against a very risky market. No one can predict the future but gold has almost tripled since it last highs in the early 1980s. Experts predict that gold will continue its upward trend, largely because of the risky state of world economies. Along with high global economic risk, countries that have recently seen high growth like India and China have many people who are avid investors in Gold.

When you are looking to invest in gold, be sure to research, make your purchase based on the spot price of gold and purchase at only 5-20% over the spot price.  As with any investment, you need to perform due diligence and know what you are buying.


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