Review of BullionVault, Gold Investment Portal

When you decide to invest in gold and want to invest in gold bullion, there are a number of considerations you must make. Gold bullion includes gold bars, gold currency coins, gold proof coins and gold collector coins so you have a number of choices.  What you will find out is that the premium price over the spot price of gold varies a great deal depending on your choice. Gold bars will have the smallest mark-up over the spot price of gold because gold bars require very little processing. Gold coins must be minted, which requires a higher premium over the spot price of gold to cover the expense of minting, with proof and collector coins having an even higher premium due to their numismatic value.

If all you want to do is have a gold investment at a good price, gold bars would certainly be your choice. There are, however, a number of problems with taking physical possession of gold bars, including a secure place to store it and the weight of the gold bar. A gold bar in Fort Knox weighs 400 troy ounces which equates to 27.5 pounds. When you buy gold bars you need to consider shipping, delivery, handling and storage as well as a secure place that will not invite theft.

You can get the advantage of buying gold bars without taking physical delivery of your gold when you use Bullion Vault.  Bullion Vault offers you the great price of gold bars and stores them for you in a secured and insured storage location in Zurich, London or New York.

Purchasing gold through Bullion Vault is also a simple and easy process. In about 2 hours you can buy any amount of gold bullion that you might want purchase, with the transaction in your own currency and have your gold stored safely and securely and also have it insured.  You can also deal in any size, buy and sell your gold quickly with next day wire transfer or take physical possession of your gold bars if you want.

You will also be able to rest assured that your gold is secure in a vault where it is audited daily.  You also enjoy low insurance rates because you will get wholesale insurance rates which are priced competitively.

Bullion Vault handles the physical gold for over 37,000 clients with a composite value of over $2.1 billion. We also have access to the best rates for gold because we have access to the professional bullion market.

You can get started in 4 easy steps with Bullion Vault. First you need to register, which takes about 1 minute and does not obligate you to make a purchase. Second, fund your account with Dollars, Pounds or Euros from a linked bank account. The linked bank account will be used for future purchases and will be the account where proceeds are sent when you sell your gold. Next, buy your gold from your funded account. Finally, validate your account within 2 weeks of your purchase for legal and security reasons.

It is just that easy to buy gold bullion with Bullion Vault. You can get started today at or if you have additional questions you can find out more online or phone the U.S./Canada or U.K./International offices through our Contact Us link.