Buy Gold in the UK & Europe

The United Kingdom and Europe have several options for people interested in invest in Gold. With the stocks & bonds markets going haywire in the past few years, many British and European investors have been turning to Gold to diversify their portfolio and protect their assets in this volatile economy. Gold’s appeal is that it is less likely to be influenced by the world political/economical landscape. In fact, if you look at the gold price evolution in the last 50 years, you will notice that the price of gold has been going up steadily, with very few (and temporary) drops in its price. The value of Gold in the UK is fixed twice a day by the members of the London Gold Pool.

The London Bullion Market Association publishes a guide for those interested in buying gold over the phone or in person. It is important to note that Gold is subject to capital gains tax. Gold Dealers sell bars varying from one ounce to 100 ounces or larger.

If you’re located in Europe or the U.K. and would like to start investing in Gold, here are the dealers that we recommend:

Best Gold Dealer in Europe: Gold Broker

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Gold Broker is one of the leading Gold Dealers in Western Europe. This Gold Dealer is based in Geneva (Switzerland) and has an office in Malta as well. Gold broker has been servicing investors from all over Europe for years. They offer both Gold and Silver bullion products with high purity levels. Gold Broker also issues certificates and allows you to buy gold easily using secured bank account transfer. Once you open your Free Account, you will need to verify it by submitting them a few documents. Gold Broker has a very competitive pricing structure (the more you buy, the lower premium over spot you’ll pay). Their website is available in 3 languages: English, French & Italian. If you are in Europe and would rather your gold stored in a secure location (instead of shipping it to you), consider dealing with Bullion Vault (described below). BV is UK-based but accepts orders from all over the world since they deal in the three most popular currencies: USD, EUR and GBP.


Buy Gold Dealer in the UK: Bullion Vault

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Bullion Vault is one of the leaders in Gold Buying online. Their platform is user-friendly and lets you trade in 3 currencies: GBP, EUR and USD. BV is a London-based Gold Dealer that has developed an amazing and user-friendly Online Gold Trading Platform. The advantage of buying online from BV is that they actually store the Gold for you in one of their secure vault locations (London, Zurich or New York). This way, you can buy as much gold as you want and trade it (sell it) whenever you want! Storing your gold in their secured vaults saves you from the hassle of having to carry your gold with you and you get to sell your gold in a few clicks. Also, BV has big advantages for big buyers and offers one of the lowest premiums in the industry. Again, BV allows you to buy/sell in 3 different currencies: GBP, USD and EUR which is a major advantage over its competitors. Check out Bullion Vault’s website for more details.


Best Gold Coin Dealer in the UK: The London Mint

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Bullion Vault is a great choice for people interested in buying pure physical gold (such as Gold Bars) and being able to trade them online securely. However, if you are interested in Gold Coins, The London Mint should be your choice. The London Mint is the leading gold & silver coin dealer in the United Kingdom. They have the largest selection of British coins on the web. If you are based in the U.K. and are interested in buying Gold coins, The London Mint would be your best choice. The London Mint is an established and respected organization. It is also the official partner to many National banks and State mints worldwide. If you are a coin collector based in the U.K., you will find The London Mint to be a trustworthy and worthy partner to enhance your collection.