What Kind of Gold Coins are People Buying?

The Most Popular Gold Bullion Coins

The most popular gold bullion coin today is the 1 oz. American Gold Eagle. The Eagle was introduced in 1986 and as of July 31, 2011 over 837,000 1oz. American Gold Eagle coins have been sold by the US Mint. The Eagle is popular for its liquidity since it is considered legal tender. American gold eagles contain exactly one ounce of gold, they are considered 22 karat due to the copper-silver alloy to give them the durability necessary to withstand handling as a legal tender. The eagle still contains one ounce of gold because the coin weight accounts for the difference required for the copper-silver alloy.

The second most popular gold coin is the 1/10th oz American Gold Eagle coin with sales of 255,000 as of July 21, 2011. The American Gold Eagle comes in two other sizes, ½ oz and ¼ oz as well as coin proof sets that also have collector value.

The American Buffalo gold coin is third in line as most popular bullion coin. It is a 24 karat gold piece and has legal tender value of $50. Although it is legal tender, its 24 karat gold content makes it rather soft and less able to endure the handling required of a legal tender.

Foreign Gold coins are next in line including the Chinese Gold Panda, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the South African Gold Krugerrand and the Mexican Peso gold coin.

Foreign Gold Coins

There is a wide variety of Gold Bullion Coins throughout the world, but their availability differs from country to country. Most recently, loosening of trade restrictions with Asia has made the Chinese Gold Panda, the Gold Zodiac and the Gold Yuan more available. After the Asian coins, the Canadian Gold coins are most popular due to their high gold purity content with the majority being .9999 pure and in some cases .99999 pure. Then the European gold coins, which include a variety of coins from Austria, Australia, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Greece and Italy. Then the Mexican 50 Peso gold coin is next in line. The 50 Peso is an affordable coin that is made of 90% gold alloy and 10% copper alloy. This is also one of the most durable gold bullion coins in the western hemisphere. Following the 50 Peso coin is the South African Krugerrand. The Krugerrand was once the most popular gold bullion coin in the world, before other countries started minting gold bullion coins.

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