Words That Start With “E”

Word meanings can be fun, which is why games like Scrabble, cross-words and Sudoku are popular and challenging.

Words that start with E are relevant today both to our Economy and our cultural Experience. One word that starts with “E” that has been in the forefront of discussions and the media for quite some time is Ethics.

Ethics is defined by the dictionary is a “set of principles of right conduct”. Ethics embodies fairness, respect and is often hard to pin down because Ethics relies on each person’s moral code. It is often simpler to define what ethics is not. We can all agree that ethics does not cheat, steal, defame, make decisions based solely for personal gain to another person’s detriment and right conduct does not knowingly harm another person. Ethics has been called the war between service and personal gain, although ethics is not about giving all you have to the poor and living a life of sacrifice. It is simply about fairness and equity in work and pay and treating others as you would like to be treated. When corporations make decisions, pay money and influence laws that allow them to market products to knowingly harm people we can all agree that it lacks ethics.

Our Economy is in many ways currently based on a standard of unlimited consumption, greed beyond any sense of reason and taking what you want regardless of the consequences.  The most important factor is “can you get away with it” whatever “it” is. Thus the greed of Wall Street flourishes with insider trading, investment banks and trading houses using flash trading to skim money off of every trade (which by the way is no longer allowed but was never prosecuted after many banks reaped billions in illicit gains), corporations buying the votes and influencing our legislators to give us the best government money can buy and the list goes on and on and on.

Leaders, especially those who are in “public service”, have an ethical responsibility to lead by Example (another E word) and not consider that they are an Exception when it comes to laws like insider trading and bribery. Leaders have a responsibility to be held to a higher moral standard and actually behave in a way that stands up to close Examination (another E word).

Ethical examination of our leaders requires all of us to Expend Effort and Energy to Examine the facts and Expect Ethical behavior and if that is not forthcoming to Exact the price at the next Election. Unless we all act to put a stop to legislators considering themselves to be an Exception to Ethical standards we can only expect the status quo.

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